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The Easiest Prey

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The mighty predator

Posted by Holly Jarrett 05/13/15

School mornings find me making breakfast smoothies. School mornings usually find Tilly at my feet as I make breakfast smoothies. One never knows what treasures might fall from the sky. Yesterday, Tilly died and went to heaven, metaphorically speaking of course.

Frozen bananas are key to the texture, and most importantly the temperature of a smoothie. Frozen bananas are also considered by Tilly to be a delectable treat, secondary only to ice cream.

Thus, when a wayward banana sailed off the counter and hit the floor, it was only a microsecond until it was “attacked”. This would not have been an issue, except for the fact that it was an entire banana, still frozen solid.

Based on my previous experiences with this land shark, I knew that to try and extract the banana from her clamped jaws would be putting my fingers at great peril. However, I was very concerned about her choking, also knowing that many items initiated their journey to Tilly’s esophagus without ever having met a tooth.

Fortunately, my teenage son was sitting at the kitchen table awaiting his smoothie. With lightning quick reflexes, he snatched the Raisin Bran box and threw a handful of cereal onto the floor at Tilly’s feet. She immediately sacrificed the banana for the spread of flakes and few raisins scattered about her. My son calmly collected the slime-covered banana and deposited it in the trash.

“Raisins are not good for dogs,” I cautioned, yet relieved that the banana would not result in death.

“Neither is chocolate or a razor blade, but she’s still with us,” came the retort from my sarcastic darling. “And by the way, predators always go for the easiest prey.”

So, there you have it. How could I argue with that logic?

The predator finished her prey and I headed to the freezer to get another banana.

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