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Are You Smarter Than A Tilly?

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Are you smarter than a Tilly?

Posted by Holly Jarrett 05/09/15

Such an innocent face. Who would ever believe that this precious little doggie could be any trouble?


Hogwash! The dog is a hellion. For those of you who don’t already know, this term is used to describe a “rowdy, mischievous, or troublemaking person, especially a child.” Well, this is perfect, because this is Tilly in a nutshell.

What exactly possesses an 8-year-old dog to chew up a worn straw hat whose only value is sentimental? It survived several mission trips to faraway places, innumerable hot summer days, baking on the head of its owner as he worked the garden or cut the grass, but it was no match for the shredding, tearing, vicious attack of an overweight, highly conniving Chihuahua mix experiencing a manic episode.

We knew, of course, as soon as we opened the door. There Tilly sat, perched in her boy’s favorite chair, with a look as if to say, “Bet you won’t guess what I did this time.”

And she was right. Who could imagine that this 12 inch at the shoulder on a good day bandit, would be able to open the foyer closet and reach said hat, which had previously been peacefully residing on the top shelf? Chalk it up to “puppy karma”, but somehow it ended up on the floor. That was all she wrote. Not two straws remained adjoined. One would never guess that it takes so much straw to make a straw hat.

Marley, the true puppy, was quite frantic in his cage, having been witness to the mayhem. I suppose we will never know Trudy’s level of involvement. No one’s talking.

We are guessing that she chose not to consume the spoils. Perhaps the memory of her run in with the bean bag served as a deterrent (two days of pooping completely intact soy beans).

If you have been following my blogs with any frequency, you are aware that we have been playing “Are you smarter than a Tilly” game for some time. Apparently, we are not. Fortunately, this is one smart dog, so we are not as IQ challenged as we might appear.

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