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Marley is a “good dog”.

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Marley gets tips on how to avoid being a “good dog”.


Posted by Holly Jarrett 04/08/15

Dear Diary,

Today was different. Mom says it was a “good” day, that I was a “good” dog. Tilly says that good dog does not mean good things. Good dog means hunger. Good dog means boring.

Tilly has agreed to teach me the finer points of not being a good dog.

Tilly provided me with a list:

  1. Always be ready for opportunities. These might come in the form of an unattended chicken leg, or a bag of Skittles carelessly placed on a bedside table. The top of the trash can left open or the chair at the table not pushed in are cause for celebration.

  2. Do the opposite of what your human wants you to do, period.

  3. Sleep when the humans are awake. Plot and pilfer when the humans are asleep.

  4. Practice makes perfect. The “who me?” look must be honed.

  5. Keep the humans sleep deprived. It lowers their resistance.

  6. Respond with great drama upon any reprimand.

I can see that Tilly has had great success with these tactics. I cannot recall any occasion where Mom told Tilly she was a good dog.

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