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Marley Goes Naked

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Personality Plus

Marley Goes Naked

Posted by Holly Jarrett 04/29/15

The temperature was only in the mid-70s, yet Marley was panting as though he had been dropped in the epicenter of the Sonoran Desert. Clearly, he would not make it this summer as a Muppet. Out came the clippers.

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How much of Marley’s personality was wrapped up in his hair?

At the conclusion of his shave, I looked upon his scrawny frame, finding it hard to imagine that at least some of his little personality was not cut away along with all that fur. And, evidently he gets a sense of this as well. Towards the end of the shearing he stared at the lifeless mass of Marley hair which lay inert on the floor as if in mourning, perhaps pondering about this possibility himself.

The following morning Marley was subdued. The admonishments of “Marley, no!” and “Marley, let go of Tilly’s tail!” were only echoes. He made sitting on the cold tile floor look almost painful, as though its unforgiving surface would mar his newly unpadded backside. His expressive Cocker eyes lacked their usual zeal and his movements appeared guarded.

But, as the morning progressed there was also an awakening of sensations not felt before. Soft spring grass felt glorious on the new found skin. Now, it was clear why Trudy rolled and rolled (and rolled) on the doggie walks. And wet grass no longer drenched his coat, transforming him into a puppy janitor’s mop outweighing his bones.

Thus, as he explored his world with his newly clipped body, Marley’s personality was once again evident. No paper in any form was safe from the “puppy shredder”, nor were his “sisters” Trudy and Tilly spared even a day of his high energy forced interaction. (They might have preferred that a bit of his personality end up in the landfill).

But, as his parents we were much relieved that his little Marley self was intact. Because, we know as parents that one day we will look back and remember with fondness these puppy days and remember the day that we first saw our little Muppet under all that fur.

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