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There’s Something About a Dog

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He’s got that special something.

There’s Something about a Dog.

Posted by Holly Jarrett 03/31/15

There is something to be said for simple acceptance of who we genuinely are. A dog doesn’t care if you are having a bad hair day. And, they could care less if you have yet to respond to that email.

Their checklist is fairly straightforward:

  1. Treat me with kindness.
  2. Take care of my basic needs; food, water, exercise.
  3. Spend time with me.

The gift of a dog. Smart and intuitive enough to provide empathy. Uncomplicated in that “just being” is acceptable. There are no uncomfortable silences in this relationship.

Why can’t dogs live longer? What a cruel reality. This beloved companion will only share life with you for a decade, perhaps a decade and a half. Each dog has a unique character. Each teaches us something about life, giving, gentleness, self. Perhaps a shorter lifespan allows us to learn more of these lessons.

My grandfather loved his dogs. He never chose the same breed subsequent to losing one. That particular friend was one of a kind.

Yes, people often look like their dogs. Just as when we humans chose our human mates, often attracted to those of our “tribe”, perhaps we do the same as we select our canine mates. Curly hair, pronounced nose, tendency toward weight gain, vertically challenged. Of course, we are also likely attracted to a personality and activity level similar to our own.

As the bumper sticker proclaims…rescue dogs rescue their owners. The eternal sense of gratitude. The enduring sense of protecting them from ever being emotionally scarred again. A mutual saving and connection.

Dogs love humans. Something about us is as appealing to them as they are to us. We smell good. We smell bad, which is good. We have hands, which do amazing things, such as scratch where they can’t, turn knobs, drive cars. Humans seem to be able to put themselves in a dog’s shoes. “I bet it would be awesome to hang my head out the car window and be bombarded by a gazillion intense smells.”

There’s something about a dog.

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