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Living with a Canine Genius

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Puppy proofing the house for an 8-year-old canine genius.

Posted by Holly Jarrett 03/13/15

Tilly is eight and one would think that she was beyond puppy antics. Beyond chewing up valuables, oh like say a Beats cord. How about raiding a cricket Kritter Keeper? But we know better, for we have lived with this conniving genius of a dog for six of those eight years. So, Saturday morning finds us at Target, purchasing a trash can with a child proof lid, as well as a lock tight container for the dog food. We had won this time. Picking up all “important items”, securing the trash, closing off all access to the dining room and kitchen were sure to win this war.

It was another Saturday morning, not so far out from the aforementioned, 5:00 to be exact. I immediately identified the owner of the paw scratching at our bedroom door. My ID was confirmed with a familiar persistent whine. What the…?

I opened the door to find the bandit with her head through the handle of a plastic grocery bag. This immediately made me suspicious. She’s not the only genius in the house.

Walking out to the kitchen, I found the lock tight dog food container, which when I turned in the night prior had been in the cupboard beneath the sink, in the middle of the floor. Fortunately, it was still locked up tight. Upon questioning of others in the house, it was determined that no one had pulled the food container out of the cupboard. Nor had anyone fed Tilly. The latter fact was particularly disturbing in that she was not asking to be fed. This red flag signaled a need for a formal investigation.

As I proceeded to return the dog food to its place under the sink I noticed that on the opposite side of the cupboard several bottles containing dog shampoo, dishwashing soap, cleaning agents, sponges, et al. were turned over. Returning to the original side, my eyes focused on a “path” of sorts. It wove around the back of the cupboard, cleared a swath through the bottles and sponges, penetrated into the collection of plastic grocery bags and ended at a freestanding bag of unknown identity.

Oh no… My thoughts started racing. What has she gotten into this time? What time does the vet clinic open on Saturday? The bag sported a silvery exterior with wildflowers on the label. Plant food? Fertilizer?

She’s no fool. The label read “Wild Bird Recipe Dog Food”.

The rest of the bag went in the child proof trash can.

The dog food in the lock tight container went back to the cupboard, which we tied shut with an attractive piece of rope. Genius.

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