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Finally! A Method to get Fido to Poop!!

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Marley chooses the planter to plant.

Finally! A Foolproof Method to get Fido to Poop!!

Posted by Holly Jarrett on 02/12/15

Okay…, so it doesn’t exist. But, there are some tricks to the trade. As a pet sitter and dog walker for Lil’ Buddies Pet Sitters in Matthews, North Carolina, I have become a bit of an expert on this topic. Owners of my furry charges trust me to get their dogs out in the fresh air, but also to minimize the chance that they will find a “present” upon their return.

So, here are a few tips:

  • Pick the Phrase. Be consistent in what you say. A particular word or phrase can act as a cue that now is the time to do their business. This cue might be “time to go poop” or “go poop and get a treat”. It really doesn’t matter what phrase you condition them to, just as long as you are consistent.
  • Pick the Spot. Some pooches are just downright picky about where they want to go. Perhaps the ground is too muddy, or there is too much distraction. You must be observant concerning the locale and conditions surrounding past successes and seek to replicate them.
  • Pick the Time. Times of transitions are promising. Just after playing, immediately upon waking, after eating, before eating. Again, consistency can be key.
  • Pick their Brain. Why might your dog be resistant to relieving themselves in a timely fashion? Does it mean that they are immediately brought inside? Are there just too many other things to attend to on that walk? Perhaps their favorite spot is actually inside? There might be issues that have to be addressed.

Be patient and persistent. Yes, it is cold and/or you are running late, but they probably won’t get that. They will, most likely, pick up on the fact that you are tense and irritated. With some thought and more attention to consistency, your pup can join the league of Super Duper Poopers.

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