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The Dog can’t run her house from England

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Nothing good happens when the humans pull these things out.

The Dog can’t run her house from England

Posted by Holly Jarrett 02/25/15

I don’t believe that Tilly wants to go to England. Her concern is that one of her boys is going to England. Why has the boy pulled out the suitcase? Nothing good happens when the humans pull out these things.

Some dogs are clearly more endowed in the brains department than others. Some give the impression that they are actually a human trapped in a dog’s body. Tilly is one of these dogs.

She was returned to the rescue at least twice. Peeing and pooping in the house was the cause of the strike out with the first family. Digging holes in the yard, which happened to be under flower beds, led to strike two.

When our 8-year-old entered the holding pen at the rescue, it was as though the two of them were drawn together by an unknown force. Interestingly, in the midst of perhaps 20 other dogs who were keeping the poop scoop toting volunteer busy as she attempted to keep the pen picked up, this little brown dog looked on as if appalled at the uncouth behavior of her canine opponents. In comparison with the other dogs she was strangely calm.

We bought it and we became adoptive family three.

Once the money was exchanged Tilly set out to determine who was in charge of the household and how that might be changed.

One of the surest ways to ensure her rightful position as ruler, was the utilization of stealth. Eating razor blades, raiding of trash cans, chewing of entire packs of gum, tasting of fine wines, licking plates left on the dining room table were always carried out in the utmost secrecy. On one occasion when her boy teased her by plucking a tuft of dead hair from her backside, she repaid the gesture by urinating on his bed, only realized as he turned in for the night.

But along with her naughtiness spurred by her superior intellect, comes the juxtaposition of compassion. When her boy contracted Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Tilly positioned herself at his bedside, actually in the bed beside him, until he was on his feet again. On many occasion she has displayed this sixth sense of being needed for moral support.

We are not fooled, however. Although she is turning eight, Tilly is a mischievous little dog indeed. Age has yet to slow her down, and upon leaving the house it is imperative that all chewable, particularly edible or much loved items be placed out of reach of this 14 inch high devil.

So, one of her charges heads off across the pond and our little salient canine remains behind. Just as well, apparently, the Brits are exceedingly polite. As much as they love their dogs, Tilly better stay behind and run the household.

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