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Tip the Scales on Those Pet Allergies

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His eyes hold a certain wisdom.

Tip the Scales on Those Nasty Pet Allergies

Posted by Matt Jarrett 01/30/15
Animals. You can’t seem to get enough of them. Whether it be dogs, cats, gerbils, or birds, something about animals clicks for you. Be it their calm, their peace, their energetic naiveté, or their calm understanding, you crave the same companionship they do. Nothing could ruin your love for these wonderful animals who have become your non-human soulmates. Nothing except for the bane of all animal lovers’ existence, allergies.
The sad truth of allergies can be stated by a simple question. Do you want a pet or would you prefer to continue breathing? The downfall of many a great pet owner was the moment he or she traced his or her congested nose back to dear old Mittens. If you are reading this, perhaps you have struggled with this before or logically wish to refrain from doing so in the foreseeable future. And, if you prefer to keep your arm out of reach of immunotherapy injections, anything with more hair than a naked mole rat is most likely off your wish list.
So, where does this leave you? In a very sad place, that’s where, given that you apparently cannot board with the animals you love so dearly. Your only option seems to be to inquire where on the internet to find funny cat pictures, right? Wrong! However if you found the first option enticing, for whatever reason, I suggest the following link.
Now then, as I was saying, wrong! There is another option. Another lovable option, without a strand of hair on its body. I am, of course, referring to a basketball. Well, now that we have weeded out the idiots who sprang from their computers to go purchase a basketball, let us continue. For those who still insist upon fulfilling all animal needs despite hopelessly clogged nostrils, I suggest the bearded dragon. Now, I know what you are thinking. Dragons, don’t they breathe fire? If you did ask this question, please return your attention to your basketball. Moving on, bearded dragons are without a doubt the best companion lizard possible. They grow up to two feet in length, that’s 60.96 centimeters for my Canadian friends out there. If you have space for a moderate size terrarium, bearded dragons take up about as much space as that one college roommate who seemed to possess a gateway to Narnia in which to store his possessions. And while your bearded dragon, won’t roll over or fetch the morning paper, he also won’t be able to open a kitchen cupboard, nor will his life goal be to defecate upon all your worldly possessions. And, despite a bearded dragon’s underwhelming IQ, his eyes hold a certain wisdom, which doesn’t scream “I just peed on the rug”. So you, Sniffles, do yourself a favor and get yourself a lizard, and actually smell those scented candles re gifted to you this past holiday season.

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