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Ho Ho Oh! That New Christmas Puppy!

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Ho Ho Oh! That Christmas Pup!

Eating bows was only the beginning

That cute little puppy, wearing the bright red bow is now a month older. Since he joined your family at Christmas you now understand that he is much like a human toddler. The times when he sleeps are golden because when he is awake he is in constant pursuit of adventure. This may be in the form of a sock to be chewed or a door jamb to be gnawed.

Cats are fun to chase, as long as they run. Harassment of the other pets in the family provides an endless source of entertainment. So, you might ask just how long is this going to continue? When will he be less labor intensive? Keep things in perspective. They are in fact toddlers. But, this too shall pass. It won’t be too long before that adorable little puppy is full grown and grown out of his puppy ways.

You might even mourn the days when everything was new, you shared in that exploration of his world, which by the way, came into existence with him. Impatience is not your friend. The key to making it through this time intact is remembering that every interaction is training. Dr. Meadows at the Matthews Animal Clinic in Matthews, NC, offers this wisdom, “They will do what you reward them to do.” So, is he jumping up? Is he allowed to growl at you or to put his teeth on you? Is he still having frequent accidents in the house? If you are following “best practices” and still seeing some of these issues, it may be time to seek professional guidance and nip these things in the bud before they are behavioral issues in an adult dog.