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A Couch Potato with a Soul of Gold

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Neuroses Personified


A Couch Potato with a Soul of Gold

Posted 01/29/15 by Matt Jarrett


As I sit at my computer typing I hear an exasperated exhale and glance across the room, only to make eye contact with two saucer-like eyes. Sprawled on the couch, gazing at me as if I had slapped her across the snout, is Trudy an eight-year-old beagle mix, the sweetest soul you’ll ever pet, and neuroses personified.

Upon adopting Trudy from an animal rescue in 2007, my life took a turn for the paranoid. My agenda was soon filled with more riveting activities than I could count, including but not excluding watching, tail tucking, flopping on contact, barking, hiding under beds, shaking uncontrollably for three hours due to loud noises, and my favorite, nervous peeing. It saddened and continues to sadden me how this dog has been so scarred by the actions of a cruel individual. And I hate to imagine the person who would harm such a gentle soul. However, beneath the numerous jelly rolls of neuroses, there lies a couch potato with a soul of gold.

If you can sort through the numerous inexplicable tendencies of a neurotic dog, you will likely discover the most rewarding pet owning experience of your life. Trudy, like many neurotic dogs, does not come across as the brightest bulb on the tree. But, she is a gentle soul and a teenager at heart. During the weekend she will sleep from twelve to twelve without question and greet the day with an uncertain wag of the tail. She will never bite, nor will she pick a fight with another dog. In fact, when our new puppy Marley was introduced to the family, she calmly turned the other cheek to all of his puppy shenanigans. This dog literally will not harm a fly.

When I look at Trudy sleeping peacefully beside me, I see a soul which was broken, yet molded beautifully and blossomed once again into man’s best friend. And I like to believe that I helped it to mend. Do yourself a favor and adopt a dog, a broken soul, which only wishes to be loved. Because neuroses is nothing but a cover for peaceful compassion.

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